Secret to Naturally Treating Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Special Article Written by Skincare Expert- Linda Collinson, Age 70.Special Offer Below for All Natural Solution Skin conditions like eczema, xeroderma or dermatitis can be frustrating, especial...

Jun 05 , 2017

#1 Amazon Best Seller

#1 Amazon Best Seller

Congratulations to Linda on her book reaching the #1 spot on Amazon! You can read her book on Kindle.

Why Dry Eye Syndrome is a Myth

The medical definition (from WebMD) of Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) is “a common disorder of the tear film, affecting a significant percentage of the population, especially those older than 40 years of age. .."

Coconut Oil Instead of Sunscreen

Most people don’t know coconut oil is a natural sunscreen. It is! So, why should you use it instead of those sunscreens you see on display at the store?

Expert’s ‘Recipe’ For Clear Skin

Who doesn’t want clear skin?  if you are like millions of others looking for recipe for clear skin, here are Linda’s five tips...

Tips to Slowing Down Aging

Anti-aging. It’s what so many people, especially women, worry about as they get older. You can’t stop it, but you can slow it down.

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