Secret to Naturally Treating Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Aug 01 , 2019

Special Article Written by Skincare Expert- Linda Collinson, Age 70.
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Skin conditions like eczema, xeroderma or dermatitis can be frustrating, especially when skincare products that promise to heal just don’t seem to perform.  Even after slathering on layer upon layers of moisturizers, the skin remains dry, red and itchy.

Sound familiar? If so, there’s a high chance that the dry skin you’re suffering from is more than just dry - you are likely suffering from a compromised skin barrier. Good news is that you can heal and strengthen your skin barrier naturally.  

Why Strengthening your Skin Barrier will Relieve Your Dry Skin?

Our skin barrier helps us maintain a healthy complexion by forming a protective barrier that keeps hydration in. Without a healthy skin barrier, the skin is unable to retain the moisture it gets from skincare products. As a result, any product that is applied will just evaporate into thin air.

Plus, a compromised skin barrier allows products to penetrate the skin more easily, making it more sensitive to them. So even if you are taking care of your skin, you may be worsening your symptoms by using products that contain harsh synthetic chemicals that disrupt the skin barrier and contribute to dryness.

So Which Ingredients Disrupt Skin Barrier and Cause Dryness?

- Alcohol: When alcohol is applied to the skin, it essentially kills off skin cells by causing them to “self-destruct”. Not only does this cause dryness, but it also does more damage by imitating free-radical damage and destroying the skin barrier.

- Parabens: Because parabens are used as preservatives to kill microbes in our products, it can also increase skin sensitivity. So those with eczema or dermatitis should definitely stay away.

- Mineral oil (petroleum and paraffin oil: These ingredients clog pores and rob your body of vitamins. Unfortunately, 90% of skincare products have some sort of mineral oil because it is CHEAP! Baby oil is 100% mineral oil. Avoid these oils at all costs because they only result in unhealthier skin,

- Artificial colors: Artificial colors are rampant in skincare products and are commonly made from coal tar, which have been shown to be carcinogenic. There’s also a big chance that they contain metal contaminants like lead and arsenic which can be extremely sensitizing.

 - Fragrance: Fragrance is concerning because companies do not have to disclose what their "proprietary blends" include, which means that there could be secretive toxins and chemicals lurking around. It’s no wonder that the fragrance component of many products is considered the most sensitized ingredients in the world!


How to Treat Dehydrated Skin

Now that we know which ingredients to avoid, let’s talk about how to begin the repair process.  The solution is two-fold: use natural humectants to boost hydration and gentle plant oils to strengthen the skin barrier.

First, hydrate the skin with natural humectants

Humectants are hydrating ingredients that have the ability to pull water from the environment into your skin. Hyaluronic acid, a popular humectant that is naturally produced by our body, can hold 1,000 times its weight in water! Another notable humectant you may have heard of is glycerine, which can be naturally sourced from plants or animals. In addition to its ability to hydrate, it has also been shown to benefit the skin barrier, making it the perfect ingredient for problem skin. Other natural hydrators include sugar, honey and aloe vera.

Then, Rebuild the Skin Barrier with Plant Oils

The key to repairing the skin barrier is being gentle and patient. This means avoiding harsh chemicals and exfoliants, and ensuring that your skin always has a protective layer of nourishing skincare ingredients on top. The best type of ingredients for skin barrier function are those that have emollient and occlusive properties. The emollient part works to smooth the top layer of the skin, while the occlusive part forms a physical barrier to keep the hydration and moisture in.

This prevents trans-epidermal water loss, one of the biggest contributors to dry skin and irritation. Plant oils are a great options because they possess both qualities, come from natural sources and have active ingredients that can deliver even more benefits to the skin.


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