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Linda Collinson - Creator of Dewberry Lotion

Linda Collinson led the natural skin care movement in the 1980s as her skin care line was the first of its kind available to the mass market. Linda landed her products on the shelves of Walmart, Sam’s Club, Giant Food, The Cosmetic Centers, and other notable retail stores in the U.S. and abroad. Over the course of her career, Linda has received countless awards and recognition including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The Maryland Blue Chip Award, The Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Small Business Achievement Award, A Lifetime Honorary Member Award for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and induction into the University of Maryland’s Michael Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship.

Back in the 1980s before explosion of the natural wellness industry, Linda Collinson, was already a pioneer testing and proving out the power and potency of natural remedies.Her journey started when she found a natural way to cure her sick baby, Budge, after he received a grave diagnosis. Back then, she herself suffered terribly from dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Dewberry Lotion was invented as a result of Linda's quest to find relief and her passion for homeopathic remedies.

Linda created Dewberry in the 1980s because she could not locate non-irritating skin products that were natural and free of harsh chemicals, perfumes, and dyes. Most lotions available then and even today contain mineral oil, which actually clogs pours instead of penetrating the skin and moisturizing.

Not long after creating Dewberry Lotion for her own use, neighbors, family and friends kept asking for the product. Collinson decided to start bottling her secret formula and, within the year, Dewberry Lotion and her entire product line were being sold in stores nationwide.

Collinson’s success left little time for her home life and young children, so she sold the company's name, La’Crista, to be with her children during their most formative years. However, Collinson kept her skin care formulas a secret. Now that her children have grown, she has begun to produce her famous, all-natural skin care line under the parent company of Dewberry Lotion, Infusion Sciences.

The skin care line is being recreated with Linda’s original formulas that have been kept a secret for years – it is the first time in over a decade they have hit the market again!

You can learn about her harrowing journey which led her to a now healthy son, and a million dollar business by reading her book, Don’t Tell Me No: How Determination Cured My Baby and Built a Million Dollar Business which is available on Amazon.com




Infusion Sciences & Youth Infusion

Dewberry Lotion’s parent company, Infusion Sciences, specializes in products that promote longevity.  Youth Infusion, a non-stimulant energy drink, is also under the Infusion Sciences umbrella.  Budge Collinson, Linda’s son, created Youth Infusion as a healthy alternative to the so-called “natural” energy products on the market.